40% Magical Summer Guaranteed Discount 

Dear customers of Cactus Moravia International,

we are glad to tell you we’ve just launched a new summer sale:
„Magical summer guaranteed discount -40 % for every ordering customer.“

Discount applies to cactus and succulent seeds from our valid seed catalog which you can download HERE or use QR codes below.


This special promotion is valid from 6 to 30 of June 2023 (we will tolerate +5 more days for all incoming orders after this date). This is a summer sale of surplus stocks of cactus and succulent seeds in the entire assortment.

The offered seeds are high quality and germinating. Especially traders, associations and clubs of cacti and succulent growers as well as hobby growers can buy from us very advantageously. We sell seeds in wholesale and retail packaging.


We recommend do not hesitate with an order, because this large discount is a prerequisite for increased interest in the purchase of seeds. Over time, it will probably no longer be possible to guarantee each buyer the full scope of delivery of their order.


The minimum value of your order just for this summer sale is 700 CZK / 30 EUR / 32 USD and you will not be charged postage at all.

If the value of your order is lower than the set limit, your order will be placed at the end of the list and you will be charged postage.

We would like to remind you that our permanent promotion – FREE SHIPPING for RR type shipments is still valid.


Use the QR code below to place an order, or fill in column F in our XLS SEED CATALOG and send us your completed order by email. (Phyto Certificates are still available free of charge upon your exclusive request.)


During July you will be able to purchase „Grafted cacti rarities and special novelties“ from our new exclusive Cactus Moravia International grow-house.

These special cacti will only be available for purchase from our AUTHORIZED SALES REPRESENTATIVES.

They are always ready to help you, do not hesitate to contact them!

Thelocactus rinconensis CV – Jaroslav Žwak (Petr Kupčák and the collective of authors published by Acta Musei Richnoviensis 2002) – Photo author: Tibor Gödöny, Thelocactus friends Facebook group

Thank you for your favor!
We wish you a successful start to the summer season
and many growing successes.

Petr and Lenka Kupčákovi
Cactus Moravia International owners and also our entire international team

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