International Symposium "CACTUS AND SUCULENTS IN POBESKYDÍ new 2024"

Motto „After thirty years, a traditional return to nature, this time to the heart of the Kysucké Beskydy – Klokočov – Slovakia“

This year’s symposium, but in a new concept and with a completely new, rejuvenated organizational team, is jointly organized by:

Cactus Moravia International


Vysoká škola báňská – Technická univerzita Ostrava on behalf

doc. Ing. Petr Lichý, Ph.D.


Kysucké Beskydy – Slovakia

Stanislav Spurný

and the team „Special Argentine delicacies Ruta 3 Patagonia Argentine Days“

Symposium date:

On June 28-29, 2024

(Sunday 30.6. 2024 departure of participants after breakfast)

The main program of the symposium:

Friday, June 28, 2024, starting at 4 p.m

Arrival and presentation of participants first at the reception of the symposium organization (accommodation, parking and tour of the area)

Friendly early-evening sitting by the campfire and two sponsor barrels of beer for free (barrels are dedicated by Mgr. Jan Novák and Dr. Martin Švidrnoch). Free for all participants while stocks last, of course our local special „Drink Kaktus Bouda“ will be served for this purpose by the campfire and maybe even an evening guitar by the campfire, or even Latin American music in the background of the evening.

During the entire event directed by Mr. Stanislav Spurný and his team, „Special Argentine delicacies Ruta 3 Patagonia Argentine Days“ genuine Argentine food and drink (Argentine steaks, wines and Quilmes beer), or salads, chicken, sausages and the like are provided, according to Of your choice, as well as examples of saddlery in its production.

Saturday 29. 6. 2024

At 8:30 a.m. the opening of the cactus and succulents and other exotic plants market (the main seller is Mr. Pavel Heřtus Kakteen-Ph-Flora known from the show „Rady ptáka Loskutáka“ with his special large sales tent and the entire portfolio of assortment), others vendors join as well.

At 9:00 a.m., the welcome and official opening of the symposium will be given by the well-known Ostrava moderator of the entire event, Mr. Jiří Kubza and the symposium’s organizing team.

Mr. Lumír Král, one of the founders of the original Kaktusy v Pobeskydí and the greatest Ostrava expert on the history of cactus growing in Ostrava and North Moravia, will begin with his introductory lecture on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the tradition of the Kaktusy v Pobeskydí symposium and also on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment and existence of the Cactus Club Ostrava.

At the same time, Mr. Lumír Král will present his brand new book on the history of Ostrava cactus growing, which we will of course thoroughly christen at the same time. We will follow this up with an official ceremony honoring living and in memoriam Ostrava and North Moravian cactus and succulent legends, and we will also honor other personalities, in two categories in total. Prize-winning personalities and lecturers will receive a special edition of medals from us, which will be created by the University of Mining – Technical University of Ostrava, represented by doc. Ing. Petr Lichý Ph.D. and they will also show their work in a special casting furnace on site.

At 10:30 a.m. there will be the most brilliant lecture of the symposium, a world-renowned expert, Mr. Wiebe Bosma from Holland, will give us a very special introduction to the succulent flora of Angola.

There is a lunch break at 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. (use of the Stanislav Spurný team’s Argentinian days and also local specialties of the Sudopark restaurant, for example we recommend trying the world-famous bryndza gnocchi). And also on Friday afternoon and throughout Saturday, swimming barrels with a forest spring with medicinal water are available to all participants of the symposium as needed (barrels for all participants are already included in the price of both packages) as well as refreshments delivered directly to the barrel, is of course to order, with the always present staff of the area.

At 1:00 p.m. there is a special lecture by the great Italian travel legend Mr. Raimondo Paladini on the topic of Cacti of Chile and Cacti of Argentina.

At 2:00 p.m., Mr. Jakub Jilemnický, a current, world-renowned expert on African succulent flora, will show us his beautiful photographs and professional interpretation on the subject of South African succulents in the Namaqualand and Richtersveld areas.

At 3:00 p.m., he will start his very current special lecture, together with a purely Moravian trio of lecturers Mgr. Jan Novák, doc. Petr Lichý, Ph.D. and Filip Vavřečka, on the topic of News and Specialties of Copiapoa and Eriosyce classical (including Neoporteria and Thelocephala and other Chilean genera) and will also present a completely newly described Pyrrhocactus lichyi from the high mountains of the Argentine province of Catamarca, perhaps even a completely new genus in perspective, it may be in time.

At 4:00 p.m., the great contemporary traveler and guide, Mr. Ivan Ivánek (a native of Palkovice), will start his special discussion with the participants of the symposium, and it will cover two broad-spectrum travel-adventure topics. The first topic is the flora, fauna and attractions of Thailand’s most beautiful national parks, and the second topic is the flora, fauna and attractions of Bako National Park in Borneo, especially the beautiful Myrmecodia and other beauties of this park.

At 5:00 p.m. there will be a very interesting lecture by Mr. Pavel Heřtus, owner of Kakteen-Ph-Flora, firstly on the topic of Important European nurseries of cacti, succulents, tillandsias and other exotic plants, and the second topic of the lecture is Cacti of Bonaire (Boneira) of the Netherlands Antilles and the southern Caribbean.

At 6:00 p.m., the world-renowned expert, Mr. Wiebe Bosma from Holland, will once again show us his great photos and will especially introduce us to the African succulent flora, this time we will go to Tanzania with him. We will end the Saturday block of lectures with this exclusive final lecture.

At 19.00 is the expected time for dinner and refreshments, again under the direction of using the ongoing Argentinian Days of Stanislav Spurný’s team or also local specialties of the Sudopark restaurant and also our special „Drink Kaktus Boudy“, which is available from early Friday evening and all Saturday.

From 8:00 p.m. we invite you all to the evening’s fun and dance ending of the symposium, directed by the Ostrava moderator and DJ Mr. Jiří Kubza, we have chosen the dance theme of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s Czech and Slovak pop music rock, punk and dance songs, therefore in no case don’t forget to take your significant others to the symposium and dance in the evening on the real Beskydy meadow in the forest.

On Sunday 30. 6. 2024 after breakfast – departure of participants

Reservation, accommodation and stay conditions for participants of the symposium:

Only two basic variants are offered. It is not possible to implement other variants.

Special accommodation weekend package for 1 person / price 65 EUR - including:

Stay and full use of the Sudopark area from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, full use of all our organized events, including parking at the cottage, and bathing in barrels as you like throughout the event, two nights in the cottage (Friday and Saturday, Sunday morning departure). The package does not include: food and refreshments (except free sponsor beer at the campfire).

Special stay weekend package for 1 person / price 35 EUR including:

Stay and full use of the Sudopark area from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, full use of all our organized events, including parking at a designated place, and swimming in barrels as you like throughout the event. The package does not include: accommodation (sleeping on your own), food and refreshments (except free sponsor beer at the campfire).

Individual cottages marked with a name, for accommodation, are occupied gradually, according to the date of your accepted and prepaid binding reservations. The character of the accommodation cottages does not offer one-room private accommodation. On the SUDOPARK Klokočov Kysucké Beskydy Slovakia website you will find the necessary information.

Reservations for the symposium are accepted by our lady Denisa, email communication in English is a matter of course. Send all your reservation orders and requests exclusively to our reservation email:

When you make a binding reservation, your payment is also made to our Raiffeisenbank bank account.

The bank account number is:

IBAN: CZ1555000000006669136003

Bank address:
Street Josefa Václava Sládka 84, ZIP Code: 738 01, Frýdek-Místek, Czech Republic

Payments are accepted exclusively in EUR (CZK currency is not accepted for bookings).

When paying only in EUR, you must always state:

  • Universal variable symbol: 29062024
  • In the payment note, always state the name and surname of the customer, the number of people, and your contact email.

Please make sure that we always receive the entire required amount in EUR, to choose from the two possible package variants offered (Variant A or Variant B).

Also state in the reservation email that you are interested in participating in the sales exchange (for an additional fee) or that you are interested in breakfast (Saturday, Sunday) in the Sudopark restaurant (for an additional fee)

Prepaid reservations on our account always have a major priority for placing people in the accommodation, if you do not use the entire capacity of the package (variant) you have chosen, we will not refund the money.

In the Sudopark area, we prefer and it is possible to pay at any place by payment card, QR code, mobile phone, smart watch, including „Drink Kaktus Boudy“. In the Sudopark restaurant, it is also possible to pay in cash only in EUR (CZK is not accepted). Payments for the Catering services of Stanislav Spurný and his team can be made in CZK and EUR, by credit card, but also in cash. In case you want to pay for your participation in the symposium upon your arrival at our reception (communication in English is a matter of course) (in this case it is not possible to guarantee a free place for accommodation at all), we accept cash payments at the reception only in EUR, only for both possible variants. The use of any fireworks is strictly prohibited in the entire Sudopark area.

In your reservation, you can also order directly in advance (pay extra and report to Mrs. Denise) your sales participation in our sales exchange, flat-rate one-time sales fee is 12 EUR/per seller (the time, size and form of the sale is completely arbitrary in your personal choice). You can offer any of your exclusively plant-based goods by selling directly from your car in the area on the meadow, near the main lecture stage, in the parking lot, or at our designated sales points. With this free system of the sales exchange, we also want to greatly support the development and prosperity of our beautiful shared hobby of growing cacti, succulents and other exotic plants.

In your reservation, it is also possible to order directly in advance and pre-pay in addition, also breakfast in the Sudopark restaurant, in the form of buffet tables, at a price of EUR 6.50/person. Also state your request for breakfast directly in your reservation (pay extra and report to Mrs. Denisa). Morning breakfast and refreshments can therefore be used in the Sudopark restaurant, or at Mr. Stanislav Spurný and his team, according to your choice and taste.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all in June at the beautiful Sudopark Klokočov complex in Kysucké Beskydy.

Petr Kupčák, the main coordinator of the organization of the symposium, Lumír Král, the original founder of the symposium and the biggest icon of the Ostrava cactus industry, doc. Petr Lichý Ph.D., M.Sc. Jan Novák and Filip Vavřečka, together with the organizers of the symposium, Martin Stoklasa, chief operating manager of the Sudopark complex, Stanislav Spurný and his team Catering services for the symposium, reception of the symposium Lenka, Nikol and Anet, stewards for the event Martin, Filip and Tomáš, are very much looking forward to seeing you too well-known Ostrava moderator and DJ Jiří Kubza, and all our other collaborators in the organization of this year’s meeting, newly in the area of Sudopark Klokočov – Kysucké Beskydy – Slovakia.