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October-November 2023

The plants we offer are actually already larger than we state in our current offer. The selection of plants for the customer is always dependent on the order of the date the orders are received, the first ordering customer always gets the biggest and best quality plants. All plants are sourced exclusively from our own nursery and are all grown primarily from sowings or from specially selected clones of the top forms and traits for the species on offer.

With our special grafting technique on these hardy Myrtillocactus rootstocks, which come from the northern edge of their range, where temperatures often drop to 0 degrees Celsius at night, they will withstand the cold winter in your grow room without any problems. Robins are matured by always applying predominant phosphorus, potassium, silicon and minerals and also always have a topical application of full systemic fungicide and insecticide protection against all types of diseases and pests. The rootstocks used have a body diameter in section of 3,00 cm – 5,00 cm, but are very short, only up to a height of 4,00 cm – 4,50 cm they have a maximum in height, for the customer our grafted plants, already prepared for eventual embedding in the substrate, for a compact appearance and our grafted plants are then almost indistinguishable from true-rooted plants.

*Our plant products are not subject to the special Free Shipping promotion (which is always applied exclusively to seed orders). The shipping fee will always be charged for your plant order according to the weight and size of the shipment (we will always inform you of this in advance in the invoice). Plants within EU countries will be sent mostly by PPL or other courier service, plant shipments to non-EU countries will always be sent by Czech Post (there is also EMS service to choose) and will always include the obligatory UKZUZ export phytocertificate (it is still free from us). The export of plants from the Czech Republic to all third countries outside the European Union is always subject to the mandatory UKUZ Czech Republic export authorization phytocertificate process and without this export process (without the phytocertificate) it is not at all possible to export plants to third countries.

*The minimum value of your plant order with us is 1.500,00 CZK, but in practice it means your order of at least 10 pieces of our plant products. Orders of plants that do not meet our mandatory minimum limit (for plants separately and also for seeds separately) will not be accepted and implemented at all.

*It is always best to use our order form for ordering plants, please always fill in the order form carefully (item code, number of items ordered, your full delivery address) so that we can process your plant order smoothly and prepare our products for you in a good quality way. It is also always possible to combine plant and seed orders in one shipment, we will prepare and ship everything at once. However, please observe the strictly defined separate order limits for plants (valid for 1.500,00 CZK, 10 plants) and also for seed orders (currently valid now 700,00 CZK, we still accept -40% summer discount on seeds).

*We have prepared a special photo gallery for you to see our plant products. Once again, our offered plants are actually already bigger and better quality than we indicate in our current plant offer, in the progress of time and further growth of the development of the offered plants (most of them already have a flowering size).

Petr and Lenka Kupčákovi owners of Cactus Moravia International Palkovice on 1.10.2023